Melissa Hite

Writer and Editor


Melissa Hite is a writer and editor living and working in Little Rock, Arkansas. She's madly in love with her dog (Shadow) and her husband (Kendell).

Melissa’s fiction and poetry has appeared in Equinox, Water~Stone Review, and Relief, the last of which nominated her for a 2017 Pushcart Prize. She's currently writing about K-12 education leadership for SchoolCEO, a magazine for school leaders. When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading great books, trying out new recipes, and watching reruns of Parks and Rec.

My Work


Moon Lady - Equinox: Poetry and Prose
Landmannalaugar - Water~Stone Review
Good Taste - Relief: A Journal of Faith and Art


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Storytelling (Winter 2020)
Anatomy of a Drip Campaign (Winter 2020)
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The Advocacy Marketing Manifesto (Summer 2019)
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What Is Marketing, Anyway? (Winter 2019)
A Space For All Learners (Winter 2019)

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